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AMERICAN CLAY PLASTER is a stunning architectural wall finish with added health benefits. It is similar in appearance to traditional lime plaster found in the Mediterranean and akin to "Adobe" seen all across the American Southwest. American Clay Plaster is a simple aggregate composition of: Non-toxic Pigments, North American Clays & Silica.



• repels dust and dirt

• resists mold and fading

• acts as sound barrier

• can absorb up to 3x its weight in moisture

• left unsealed is easily repairable FOREVER

• works well atop most all substrates

• is exceptionally beautiful and magnetic

• literally “breathes” naturally releases negative ions

• promotes a clean indoor air environment

• is a 100% Zero VOC Green Product

• recipient of many Green Building awards

• significantly insulates walls;

     keeping a house cooler in summer, warmer in winter

     and makes for greener energy consumption

• has many final finish & color options allowing for a variety of distinct looks

• adds value to a home as a high-end finish

a b o u t   clay plaster

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